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Dive Center

Welcome at Squatina Diving

Squatina Diving Dive school is located at some of the most famous dive sites of the Adriatic Sea. This because the Island of "Prvic" with its more than 70 dive locations lays on our doorstep. In crystal clear waters you can visit well-preserved, beautiful, underwater landscapes.

Underwater caves, canyons and ship wrecks. These are suitable for advanced divers, as well as beginners. in a lively bay on the island of Krk’s most southern shore line.


Fully equipped classroom, filling station, workshop, rental equipment room and guest equipment room covering more than 200 m2. Squatina Diving is equipped with the latest, state of the art diving equipment.


We can issue all levels of diving courses, from beginners to Instructor with our education program. Specially constructed diving boats will transport our divers to the best dive locations with maximum ease.


With us, your diving dreams will become a reality. We offer diving for as well as individual divers that are in need of a buddy till groups or dive clubs. (ask for our special group prices at And of course we also arrange and reserve all accommodations on the island of Krk where we have choice out of a big database of 

apartments, rooms, hotels, and camping places. Hope to see you soon at our Diving centre.


Your Squatina Diving team


The dive center

Directly on the waterfront

Our dive center is located directly on the 3,5 km long Baska beach.


When entering the dive center you right away are in the reception area that is followed  by the class room and wet area for our guests, after these rooms there are work room for small repairs and refilling your lamps this is followed by compressor room and filling room.



At Squatina Diving we are especially proud of our 1200 litre fresh water cleaning basin that is located inside the building that makes cleaning your equipment at colder or rainy days not such a bad job.


In frond of the dive center we have a small terrace for having a coffee or filling out your log books, on top of the center there is our big bar and restaurant with a terrace that gives you a view over the whole vilage.


Baska is the most famous place on The island Krk when we are talking about tourism. 

Throughout the whole bay of Baska there is a 3,5 km long beach with on the left side an FKK (naturist) camp and on the right side an Auto camp. Between the both camps you will find all kinds of accommodation like rooms. apartments and Hotels.


You can lay yourself on Baska’s beautiful beach but there are also numerous other fun things to see or do in the Baska area, like there are:

  • Museum

  • Climbing walls

  • Tennis courts

  • Surfing

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • And of course diving


But also Baska’s night life has a lot to offer there are for instance a lot of small bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine and for those that want to go on a little bit longer into the night there are several night clubs and disco’s.


The climate 

In the summer months the water temperature rises to a comfortable 25 to 27 degrees and with it the air temperature reaches 30 to 35 degrees.

In the for and after season the temperatures are a little bit lower with an average of 20 degrees.

Baska has 2500 sun hours yearly.

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